İngilizce Muafiyet Sınavı Örnek Sorular 3

İngilizce Muafiyet Sınavı Örnek Sorular 3

İngilizce Muafiyet Sınavı Örnek sorular 3

Aşağıdaki örnek soruları Tüm Üniversiteler için  Örnek soru olarak kulalnabilirsiniz

İngilizce Muafiyet Sınavı  Soru tipleri

1. Joji …… Tokyo five years, but he left in 1993.
a. lived b. has lived c. has been living d. have lived

2. Someone …… my bike, now I’ll have to walk home.
a. stole c. had stolen
b. has stolen d. has been stealing

3……..picture do you prefer, this one or that one?
a. What c. How
b. Which d. How much

4. I……. the movie Titanic three times. I’m going to see it again tonight.
a. have been seeing c. saw
b. have been seen d. have seen

5. I have noticed that…………..English people do not seem to shake………hands as much as people do in………Turkey.
a. the,—,the c. the,—,—
b. —,—,— d. —,—,the

6. Ali the rooms………crowded with people. Everyone………enjoying themselves.
a) was/ were c were/was
b) was /was d. were/were

7. it is…….interesting book. it gives…….wonderful picture of what… was like in……Victorian times.
a. an/—/the/— b. an/—/—/— c. an/a/the/— d. an/—-/a/—

8. Peter…….his hair now. He…….it every day.
a. is washing/washes b. washes/is washing c. wash/is washing d. is washing/wash

9. When Peter talks, everybody……. to him.
a. are listening b. listening c. listen d. listens

10. Who……first this morning?
a. getup b. gets up c. got up d. getting up

11. Have you seen my ballpoint pen anywhere? I…….for it for ten minutes.
a. looked c. am looking
b. was looking d. have been looking

12.I……..this day all my life.
a. am remembering b. will remember c. remembered d. had remembered

13.’…………me with my suitcase, please?’ Yes, certainly.
a. Did you help b. Are you going to help c. Are you helping d. Will you help

14. This time tomorrow I……………to France.
a. fly b. am flying c. will be flying d. will have flown

15. We……….play basketball without a ball.
a. can’t b, needn’t c. could d. doesn’t

16. Does he……..go to school at eight?
a. must b. should d. has to d. have to

17. Mike likes to play tennis. So……….
a. is Fred b. does Fred c. Fred does d. can Fred

18. He likes cowboy films, but I…….
a. don’t b. didn’t c. am not d. haven’t

19. Who…… with me?
a. wants b. want to c. wants to d. to want

20. The plane……at 11.45.
a. leaves b. leave c. are leaving d. to leave

21. Excuse me. Do you know where I can………a colour film?
a. buy b. buying c. to buy d. bought

22………I talk to you in a few minutes?
a. Am b. Will c Was d. Can

23. Fifty million years ago there…… no people.
a. were b. was c. are d. will be

24. It’s a nice day,……………?
a. hasn’t it? b. is it? c. isn’t it? d. has it?

25. A: Who………Janet? B: I do hate her!
a. does hate b. hating c. hates d. to hate

26. It’s very cold, you……… to put a sweater on.
a. should b. ought c. must d. has

27. A:…….you answer the phone? B: Sure.
a. Were b. Shall c. Could d. May

28. Good morning Sir, what……….I do for you?
a. am b. had c. can d. can’t

29. She……….go to the concert because she didn’t have time.
a. wasn’t b. can’t c. may not d. couldn’t

30. A:When did Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquer İstanbul?
B: İstanbul………….by Fatih in 1453.
a. conquered b. was conquered c. is conquered d. be conquered

31. Turkish is………………in Turkey.
a. speaks b. spoke c. spoken d. be spoken

32.A: Who………’Anna Karenina?
B:It……………by Leo Tolstoy.
a. was written/wrote c. wrote/written
b. is writing/is being written d. wrote/ was written

33. She…………to hospital yesterday due to a heart attack.
a. was taken b. took c. is taken d. has been taken

34. Where did the gunman…….President Kennedy? Kennedy ………….in Dallas.
a. was shot/shot c. shot/was shot
b. shoot/was shot d. shoot/is shot

35. Vegetables have to……..carefully.
a. been chewed b. be chewed c. chewing d. is chewed

36. How many people…………to the meeting last night?
a. came b. come c. did come d. will come

37. We paid the bill at our hotel the evening before we………………..out.
a. controlled b. decided c. intended d. checked

38. Antalya is an easily……, with a busy airport, plenty of buses and good roads connecting it with the rest of the country.
a. competitive b. available c. accessible d. attractive

39. The climbers attempting to reach the summit had to……………..because the weather was so bad.
a. give up b. turn down c. look up d. hold on

40. If you study……………..enough, it is possible to become competent in a foreign language in less than a year.
a. hardly b. fluently c. intensively d. absolutely

41. English is now spoken all____ the world by people____ many different cultures.
a. about/for
b. over /from
c. around/with
d. from/into

42. My daughter is not a bit like me. She seems to…………her father.
a. look on
b. take after
c. put put
d. look after

43. it took me a long time to translate his business letter as I had to …. so many words in the dictionary.
a. make up
b. turn over
c. look up
d. get off

Find the similar meaning…

44. Some of the main roads will be closed until the blizzard ends.
a. snowstorm b. hurricane c. thunderstorm d, disorder

45. Conscientious researchers always pay attention to details while carrying out a research.
a. clever b. intellectual c. careful d. fearless

46. Mrs. Callaghan’s natural intelligence and her experience always enables her to deal with problems.
a. grow b. stay c. cope d. avoid

47. Imagine my anger when I realized that my husband had told me a lie.
a. happiness b. anger c. surprise d. disappointment

48. You can easily infer from her remarks that she was happy about the project.

a. assume b. misunderstand c. answer d. hear


Some people learn a second language in order to learn about the culture of the people who speak that language. They may be interested in the history and the customs of these people, for example, or they may want to study the literature of the language. Other language learners want to travel to other countries. They need to know the languages of those countries so that they can talk to people and understand what they say. They want to make friends with the people they meet. Many people learn a language to learn more about their fields by studying in other countries or reading books and journals in different languages. They often need to use other languages in their work.

49. in the passage it is emphasized that……….
a. there are various methods to learn a language
b. the number of people who wish to learn a foreign language is increasing rapidly
c. some of the reasons for learning languages are less important than others
d. different language learners have different reasons for learning a new language

50. According to the passage, travelling to other countries……………..
a. enables people to make new friends
b. prevents people from learning a language
c. is a reason for learning a language
d. is a way of learning a new language

51. We learn from the passage that many of the people learn a new language because……..
a. they want to earn money
b. they plan to use it in international trade
c. they want to make improvement in their fields by using other languages
d. learning a second language is sometimes waste of time

52. ‘they’ refers to…..
a. languages b. other countries c. people d. books

53. ‘fields’ refers to ….
a. branches b. exams c. farms d. lands

The United States, unlike Britain, has never had an officially defined class system with a titled aristocracy. For this reason, the British often believe, rather superficially, that the United States has produced a ‘classless society’. in fact, this is only the appearance. Just as in Britain, a very small number of families control a large amount of wealth, which they pass from generation to generation. Although they are so rich that they do not have to work, they often own newspapers and TV stations, and run for public office, so that they have a huge amount of power and influence.

54. We understand that, unlike in Britain, in the United States………..
a. there is no noble class recognized officially
b. there are a large number of newspapers and TV stations
c. few families control a large amount of inherited wealth
d. the difference between the classes is not very noticeable

55. From the author’s statement, we can conclude that………
a. the rich in the USA are hardworking, while in Britain they are lazy
b. there is in fact little difference between the societies of the US and Britain
c. British aristocrats often own newspapers and TV stations in the United States
d. members of British aristocracy admire the system in the US

Even if you are a refugee in a country which has the same language, religion and a similar culture, your future may not be bright one. You may have to live in a camp for a long time before you can go home. If you are not a permanent refugee you will have no passport, no home and no job. You can either try to settle in the host country or try to find another country that will accept you. When you have found a permanent home, you then have to begin to build your life from the beginning again.

56. The most vital difficulty that a refugee faces is the fact that……..
a. he lives in a foreign country
b. he may not be accepted by other countries
c. his future isn’t guaranteed
d. he doesn’t have a passport

57. A refugee can begin to feel comfortable when…….
a. he finds a home
b. he finds friends of the same religion
c. he finds a job
d. he finds a comfortable camp

58. The passage points out that…………
a. a refugee ,wants to live with people of the same religion, culture and language
b. a refugee has to struggle a lot to survive
c. the host country must perfect the conditions for refugees
d. a refugee wants a warm welcome from the country which accepts him

The vegetarian diet is becoming increasingly popular all the time. Is the vegetarian or meat diet better? A decade ago and earlier, the impression was that a vegetarian diet was lacking in the nutrients found in meat products. Today though, through research and nutritional science, it has been proven that all the nutrients found in meat may at the same time be found in the correct vegetarian diet. Some may argue that by only consuming meat that is low in fat, meat and vegetarian diets have identical benefits. This is true only if one eats only very low fat meat. The lack of meat is not necessarily the main benefit of to the vegetarian. Vegetarians tend to eat more fruits, vegetables and grains than the meat eater. They also tend not to use tobacco and excessive alcohol. Moreover, vegetarians tend to get more exercise.

59. it is clear from the passage that meat and vegetarian diets have similar benefits…….
a. if the terra vegetarian cannot be misleading
b. only if very low fat meat is eaten
c. as long as diet can take on many different variations
d. if a vegetarian consumes the same dairy products

60. it has been alleged that vegetarians do not only benefit from not eating meat in fact,……..
a. but other factors probably include exercise and resistance to smoking and alcohol intake
b. but the partial vegetarian eats anything except red meat
c. this is most likely due to the low fat and high carbohydrate content of their diet as well
d. they also benefit from not using tobacco and excessive alcohol while getting more exercise

61. in the past it was claimed that the nutrients found in meat products weren’t found in a vegetarian diet…….”-
a. but it is proved to be wrong through research today
b. the last major benefit of the vegetarian diet is its relationship to cancer rate reduction
c. however the vegetarian diets advantages greatly outweigh its shortcomings
d. whether a meat eater or vegetarian, both diets may contribute to good health with proper planning

Before the paper machine was invented, paper was made by hand one at a time. In 1798, a Frenchman named Nicolas-Louis Robert invented a moving screen belt that would receive a continuous flow of stock and give an unbroken sheet of paper to a pair of squeeze rolls. The invention Vas not really used much, but two Englishmen, the Fourdrinier brothers, improved on Robert’s idea and built a better version in 1807. From these crude beginnings modern papermaking machines were developed. in spite of the fact that modern creations and engineering have formed and ancient craft into a technical industry, the basic procedures remain the same.

62. Even though there are modern paper making machines,……
a. mechanical pulp was first made in Germany
b. there are practical methods for manufacturing paper from wood and vegetable pulps
c. many publishing processes were developed
d. the basic system is still the same

63. During the primitive stage of production……..
a. paper was made manually one by one
b. diverse substances required wetting and penetration
c. a sheet of paper composed of cellulose fibers
d. paper sheets were impregnated with animal glue

64. According to the author, the paper machine that Fourdrinier brothers developed……..
a. depended on rags and linen and this made mass production possible
b. there were two major kinds of pulping processes used in the 18th century
c. which was not suitable for paper in which high whiteness and permanence were required
d. was based on Robert’s invention

The kind of education that is offered in the high school system is not needed by all people. After primary school, students have learned the basic skills required to work in an untrained profession, and do not need the more advanced education that high school offers. Sons or daughters frequently carry on the family business, and after completing their primary education, any further, more advanced education is unnecessary, because they can learn all they need to know about their future profession from their father/mother.

65. According to the writer advanced education is not essential for some students……….
a. but it doesn’t mean that all students do the same
b. since they’ll prefer a profession not requiring a special training
c. and these skills make students become successful individuals
d. as schools aren’t the safest place in children’s education

66. The primary school education is enough for some students……
a. since they will carry on the family business and it doesn’t require further education
b. so long as it would benefit the students that want to learn
c. and this is said to be on account of all the school regulations
d. because every child hasn’t been educated in a safe and secure environment

67. Sons or daughters that learn whatever they need to know about their future profession from their parents……….
a. don’t need advanced education,.
b. but we aren’t so sure that this is true anymore
c. and student failure seems to be growing swiftly these days
d. when they realize there is far too much virtue in educationDIALOGUE COMPLETION

Waiter : Are you being served?
Customer: No. I’d like to have a banana long boat with cream.
Waiter :……………………………..
Customer: Okay, then bring one with ice cream.

a. You can’t find cream in this area.
b. Sony. We have run out of cream. If you like, I can make it with ice cream.
c. My favourite is with ice cream
d. You don’t have any taste. Have it with ice cream

Mary: I want to go to Cairo next year.
Henry: Good idea. I was in Alexandria last year.
Henry: it was full of historical places.

a. Where is Alexandria?
b. Will you see it again?
c. Really? How was it?
d. Did you like it?

Debbie: What are your plans for the summer?
Janet : I’m going to izmir to visit my aunt.
Janet : I’m sure you do.

a. I’m quite jealous!
b. How wonderful! What is she doing there?
c. You’11 enjoy yourself I was there last year.
d. Lucky you! I wish I had an aunt living somewhere like that!

Mother : How many friends have you invited to the party?
Mother : Yes, I was hoping you would. What are you planning to make?
Daughter: I thought Pd make the sandwiches.

a. Fifteen, but I’ll help you to get the food ready.
b. Rather a lot. Do you mind?
c. I’m expecting about twenty. Is that too many?
d. Only ten at the moment. Can you make us three cakes?

Mrs Palmer : I hear your daughter is getting married next month.
MrsMoore :……………………….
Mrs Palmer : Fm sure there are. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.
Mrs Moore : That’s very kind of you.

a. She is indeed. She gave us quite a surprise!
b. Yes, she is. And we are all so happy for her.
c. That’s right. And there are still so many things to be done.
d. That’s so. We’re collecting the wedding dress today.

Ken: How do you like your new house?
Ken: Why, what’s wrong with it?
Bill: There’s nothing to do there, and it’s so far from everything.

a. I can’t answer because we haven’t been able to move in yet.
b. it will be great when we finish all the work.
c. The house is okay, but I don’t like the neighborhood.
d. It is great, Fm planning to invite you one day to see it.


74. We thought we ought to go early…………………………
a. so that we could all get good seats.
b. so we were still earlier than many others.
c. however there may be a big crowd.
d. since we have left in plenty of time.

75……………..who crossed the Atlantic alone in a small sailing craft.
a. That must be the man
b. The news is that
c. I can’t believe that anyone
d. I didn’t realize how few people

76.I still haven’t had a chance to thank the nurse……………………
a. until the child was well enough to go home
b. why she visited us every day for a week
c. who looked after my mother so well in hospital
d. whose carelessness would make recovery slow

77. The policeman threatened to shoot,
a. that the robber wouldn’t get away with the money.
b. unless the robbers put up their hands and surrendered.
c. so that the robbers were running away.
d. as the robbers had already escaped.

78. There are certain countries in the world…………….
a. that is developing rapidly
b. where famine is still a serious problem
c. unless the rainfall is heavy
d. as the food supplies are limited

79. If necessary precautions aren’t taken………………….
a. Turkey would be a desert now.
b. there would have been a fire yesterday.
c. there was going to be a flood in the town
d. traffic will continue to be a cause of death.

80……………………, I have been living alone.
a. Before my father died
b. Ever since I moved into my new house
c. I used to live with my parents
d. No one came to visit us

81. My father used to say……………
a. the fact that he couldn’t trust anyone in his office to do anything well
b. who later wrote a book on how to design heat transfer fans
c. that if you want a job done properly, you should do it yourself
d. although they had completed the work in record time

82. The only team member to arrive late was the captain.
a. Other team members may arrive late but not the captain.
b. The captain is expected to arrive ahead of the other team members.
c. AH the members of the team were there on time, except for the captain.
d. The captain was not the only team member to arrive late.

83.1 won’t get my bicycle repaired here again because they charged me far too much.
a. I wouldn’t have let them repair my bicycle if I had known how much they would charge.
b. I’m sure there must be cheaper places that repair bicycles just as well.
c. I should have asked them how much they charged before I left my bicycle with them to be repaired.
d. it cost me so much to get my bicycle repaired there that 1*11 never go back with it again.

84. On sunny days I always feel more cheerful, and so, I think, do most people.
a. I’ve often noticed that on sunny days you see a lot more cheerful people.
b. I can’t understand why people feel more cheerful when the sun shines.
c. Once the sun comes out I am sure we shall all start to look more cheerful.
d. I suppose most people are like me and feel more cheerful when the sun shines.

85. The children are not allowed to play in the garden on rainy days.
a. Children can’t play in the garden on rainy days.
b. On rainy days, it is not a good idea to play in the garden.
c. Children can’t play anywhere anytime they wish.
d. Children are never allowed to play in the garden.

86. Now that I have reached the age of fifty, I’ll just have to face the fact that I’m not as young as I was.
a. When someone reaches the age of fifty, they have to face the fact that their life is more than half over.
b. Since there was nothing I could do about being fifty, I just tried to get used to it.
c. I don’t like being fifty at all, and I’m going to try to prove I am just as good as I ever was.
d. I have to accept that I’m now fifty, and no longer the young man that I used to be.

87. Many homeless people come from poor families.
a. Homeless people would make very poor parents.
b. A lot of people without a home had grown up in poor families.
c. The family environment for most homeless people must have been awful.
d. Some people make themselves homeless because their families are so dreadful.


88. You are hosting a dinner party in your home and want to offer your guests a chance to sit and talk before they come to the table to eat. As your guests arrive, you say:
a. Won’t you come into the living room to have something to drink and chat before we eat?
b. I hope that you like lamb – it’s the main dish tonight.
c. Welcome! Thank you so much for coming.
d. Let’s sit down to eat right away. The food’s getting cold!

89. You are in a subway train on your way to visit a friend who is in hospital. You aren’t sure which stop to get off at, so you say to another passenger:
a. Which stop are you getting off at?
b. Is it far to walk to Central Hospital after I get off?
c. Do you know which stop is the closest to Central Hospital?
d. This train runs very deep underground, doesn’t it?



(I) Science is systematic because of the attention it gives to organizing knowledge and making it readily accessible to all who wish to build on its foundation. (II) If the results support the hypothesis, the scientist may use them to generate related hypotheses. (III) in this way science is both a personal and a social endeavour. (IV) in other words, it is beneficial both to the individual and to society at large. (V) Moreover, science contributes a great deal to the improvement and the quality of human life.
a. I b. II c. III d. IV

91. (I) Modern Bergama is a sleepy agricultural market town in the midst of a well-watered plain. (II) There has been a town here since Trojan times. (III) Of Bergama’s four main tourist attractions, only the museum is in the centre of the town. (IV) However, it was during the period between Alexander the Great and the Roman domination that Bergama, then called Pergamum, enjoyed its greatest prosperity. (V) At that time, it became one of the Middle East’s richest and most powerful small kingdoms.
a. I b. II c. III d. IV

92. (I) Astronomers are scientists who watch and study the sun, moon, planets and stars. (II) They study unusual things that happen in the sky. (ITI) The planets and stars were lined up in the shape of pyramid on August 15, 1987. (IV) These unusual things happen years apart. (V) Astronomers are happy to be living when something very unusual happens.
a. I b. II c. III d. IV

93. (I) We sat there, close to the sea, and drunk our coffee. (II) They had been here before. (III) Above us the birds flew joyfully here and there. (IV) Fifty meters further along there were some fishing boats. (V) The fishermen were talking together and mending their nets.
a. I b. II c. III d. IV

Choose the correct linkers for the gaps in the passage.

…………………….(94) people tried to build a submarine for several hundred years, it was in the 20th century that the first real submarine was invented. An Englishman built an undersea boat with oars 300 years ago! During the American War of Independence in the 18th century, an American David Bushnell, built another undersea boat. His boat was better……………………..(95) it had a steam engine………………(96), it could carry a torpedo. The Americans tried to use this boat against the British…………………..(97)-, it did not help them much. During the early years of the 20* century, Holland and Lake designed the first real submarine. Many countries used their design to develop military models…………………(98), submarines were used widely as warships during the two World Wars.

94. a. Although b. in spite of c. Despite d. Because

95. a. even though b. apart from c. instead d. because

96. a. however b. despite the fact that c. moreover d. but

97. a. in spite of the fact that b. so that c. however d. since

98. a. consequently b. therefore c. nevertheless d. in addition

Put the sentences into correct order to make a paragraph.

I. She hopes to be a librarian.
II. Amy has two sisters.
III. The other is still a student.
IV. One works in a bank.
V. They are both older than she is.
a. I, II, IV, V, II
b. II, IV, I, V, III
c. II, V, IV, III, I
d. V, IV, III, I, II

100. Which one could be a thesis statement?
a. I am going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of watching television.
b. There are lots of benefits of computers and they were first used for communication in offices.
c. The discovery of America provided new routes for trading around the world.
d. I believe that children shouldn’t use mobile phones.
1. A
2. B
3. B
4. D
5. B
6. C
7. C
8. A
9. D
10. C
11. D
12. B
13. D
14. C
15. A
16. D
17. B
18. A
19. C
20. A
21. A
22. D
23. A
24. C
25. C
26. B
27. C
28. C
29. D
30. B
31. C
32. D
33. A
34. B
35. B
36. A

37. D
38. C
39. A
40. C
41. B
42. B
43. C
44. A
45. C
46. C
47. B
48. A

49. D
50. C
51. C
52. C
53. A
54. A
55. B
56. C
57. A
58. B
59. B
60. D
61. A
62. D
63. A
64. D
65. B
66. A
67. A

Dialogue Completion
68. B
69. C
70. D
71. A
72. C
73. C

Sentence Completion
74. A
75. A
76. C
77. B
78. B
79. D
80. B
81. C

Find Same Meaning
82. C
83. D
84. D
85. A
86. D
87. B

Find Correct Sentence
88. A
89. C

90. B
91. C
92. C
93. B
94. A
95. D
96. C
97. C
98. A
99. C
100. D