İngilizce Muafiyet Sınavı Örnek Sorular 2

İngilizce Muafiyet Sınavı Örnek Sorular 2

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İngilizce Muafiyet  Sınavı Örnek Soru Tipleri


1) As soon as the signal_____, the whole force will charge in the direction of the enemy trenches.

a) has given b) was given c) is given d) will be given

2) Recently the government_____the Agricultural Bank to postpone the debts of the farmers in the earthquake area.

a) had instructed b) is instructing c) will instruc d) has instructed

3) If the artist had finished the painting, it would have been magnificent,_____?

a) wouldn’t it b) hadn’t he c) hadn’t it d) isn’t it

4) A: At this hour of the night it_____my mother phoning, it_____anybody-else.

B: You are exaggerating.

a) may be/ isn’t b) must have been/ wasn’t c) must be/ can’t d) has to be/ wouldn’t have been

5) At this time tomorrow some of the tourists_____for the rest of the group at the airport if they_____there earlier.

a) will wait/ will get b) will be waiting/ get c) is waiting/ will get d) will have waited/ get

6) The glass outside proves that in order to break into, the burglar_____a brick through the window of the jewelry store.

a) should have thrown b) could have thrown C) has to throw d) must have thrown

7) When the little boy_____on the ground in the school garden, a fight_____among the two groups of boys.

a) was falling/ started b) had fallen/ was starting c) fell/ started d) fell/ had started

8) Tim_____from the financial problems for a long time when he finally_____a loan by one of the private banks in the country.

a) had been suffering/ was given b) was suffering/ had been given c) had suffered/ d) had been suffering/ gave

9) After that incident, their hope_____because the army_____its most trusted leaders.

a) has lessened/ lost b) lessened/ had lost c) is lessening/ loses d) was lessening/ has lost

10) Of course you can use my summer house in the country. But when you_____there next month, remember that it ____for five months.

a) are getting/ isn’t going to be cleaned b) get/ will not have been cleaned c) will get/ hasn’t been cleaned d) are going to get/ will not be cleaned

11) We_____here to watch the sunset. This is what we_____at the weekends.

a) have gathered/ do b) gather/ have done c) gather/has done d) gathered/ have done

12) Don’t worry, anyone_____the same mistake, but you should be more careful next time.

a) had to do b) should have done c) might have done d) must do

13) I have never seen Jack talking like that. He_____stupid on this matter.

a) was b) is going to be c) is d) is being

14) Due to the evidence, Tom’s family_____hope that he will be found innocent.

a) little b) too much c) a few d) too many

15) A:_____.

B: What did you say? But, it is impossible. There must be some flour left.

a) Any b) A few e) None d) A lot of

16) I don’t remember_____you permission to borrow my necklace! You’d better_____ it off immediately.

a) giving/ taking b) to give/ taken c) to give/ to take d) giving/ take

17) I don’t think that it is difficult to get used to_____with chopsticks like Chinese people.

a) eat b) being eaten c) to eat d) eating

18) The stopped_____because they hadn’t had anything for a long time.

a) eating b) to eat c) eat d) to eating

19) A: Where is Joe? I haven’t seen ham lately.

B: He’s had_____flue and ____ doctor told him to stay in_____.

a) a/ the/ – b) a/the/the c) the/ the/ d) the/-/-

20) The scientific experiment and expedition’s in_____Asia aroused a lot of interest in_____area and also_____ great deal of concern over its future.

a)-/the/a b) -/ a/ a c) the/the/a d) an/ the/ an

21)I wish you_____the trouble to me before so I could help you.

a) explained b) didn’t explain c) had explained d) hadn’t explained

22)_____she to call you immediately, what would you do?

a) If b) Were c) Unless d) Providing

23)_____they offer me a high salary, I’ll give up this job.

a) If b) Unless c) As long as d) Suppose

24) Sindy: Why didn’t you get this present? Rose: If only_____.

a) I got b)I had got c) I hadn’t got d) I didn’t get

25) We_____more on outings and souvenirs if we_____a cheaper hotel.

a) will be spending / chose b) were to spend / might choose c) have spent / have chosen d) could have spent / had chosen

26) I don’t believe the white stone of Pamukkale will be spoilt _____the number of new hotels is restricted.

a)as long as b) as if c) incase d) unless

27) A man must have physical and mental power_____ be considered a brave man.

a) in order to b) for c) though d) since

28) The recreation plan _____they disagreed would require the construction of two new dams

a) that b) on whom c) about which d) why

29) August 23rd is the last day _______you may transfer to another course.

a) which b) on which c) why d) what

30)_____he only attended about sixty percent of the course contributed to his poor examination results.

a) The fact that b) Why c) How much d) Whether

31) Do you know_____?

a) how much sugar does he take b) where is Patricia going on holiday c) is Freddie coming to dinner tonight d) how Julia likes her coffee

32) in spite of the large sum of money she______from her family, she still______about suffering from a lack of money,

a) receives / complains b) received / complains c) receives / complained d) has received / is complaining

33) My father asked me if I_____an increase in salary the following month.

a) was getting b) am getting c) am going to get d) will get

34) I’d rather_____you a salad.

a) make b) am getting c) making d) to make

35) My landlady made me_____the contract.

a) to sign b) sign c) signing d)signed

36) I really hate______waiting at the dentist.

a) being kept b) keeping c) to have kept d) having kept

37) Are you sure you_____an umbrella? it looks as if it_____?

a) didn’t need / has rained b) haven’t needed / has been raining c) don’t need / had been raining d) won’t need / is going to rain

38)_______the number of members is growing.

a) Despite the sport club’s very high prices b) Owing to the inadequate publicity made by the management c) If the joining fee were reduced dramatically

d) Due to the lack of new people joining

39) Because she is worried_____walking home in the dark, she doesn’t like working late.

a) of b) about c) from d) with

40) ______, whereas drinking hot milk can help you to sleep.

a) You shouldn’t drive when you’re tired b) While tea and coffee contain caffeine c) Milk should be kept cool in the fridge d) Coffee may keep you awake at night


41) Mother Teresa_____her life to helping people, particularly ill people and the poor.
a) devoted c) involved
b) blessed d) excited

42) The book ‘The Lost Continent’ Bill Bryson is based_____the author’s own experience in America.
a) from /at c) with / from
b) of/ with d) by / on

43) On the third day of the shipwreck they gave up all hope of finding any_____.
a) deserters c) conclusions
b) survivors d) suppliers

44) Asthma is a common _____ in which the airways lining the lung become inflamed.
a) diagnosis c) patient
b) disease d) recovery

45)In this paper I would like to report some of the results of an_______ study of two hundred London families.
a) extreme c) intensive
b) intrinsic d) emphatic

46) His children were expecting to inherit a fortune but he_________all his money to charity.
a) gave out c) gave away
b) gave up d) gave off

47) My four year-old brother is good at taking off his clothes but he has some problems with _______them _____especially while _________the buttons.
a) putting on/ doing up c) putting up/ doing on
b) getting in/ giving in d) giving on/ doing in

48) I strongly believe that his book is a masterpiece and it should be________ a film.
a) made by c) make out
b) made on d) made into

49) I couldn’t participate in the________since the competition was for adults.
a) scene c)course
b) schedule d) contest

50) Reporters were not allowed to enter the military zone as it was_____.
a) excuse c) prohibit
b) forbidden d) neglect

51) it was nearly impossible to________ the recent economical crisis but the new president managed to deal with it.
a) cope with b)take up c) come along d)take with

52) his story about UFOs was______. We hardly believed him.
a) logic c) incredible
b) confused d) astonished

53)________civilizations of Anatolia reflect their culture with ruins as old as the history.
a) recently c) future
b) anciently d) ancient

54) The captain left the sinking ship after all passengers and the________evacuated the ship
a) suburbans c) inhabitants
b) citizens d) crew

55) The Minister of Finance declared their plan to stop and_______the increasing unemployment ratio.
a) rehearsal c) renew
b) refer d) reduce

56) He was accused of robbing the bank but the jury found him_____.
a) manipulative c) guilty
b) innocent d) impulsive

57) Even if he was famous for being a_________person we couldn’t make out how he took such a great risk.
a) cautious c) caution
b) catchy d) intelligence

58) After 9/11 the________were glad for themselves while mourning for their friends who died due to the terrorist
a) behaviors c)survivals
b) surveyors d) survivors

59) it is really difficult to______a child for mothers who are starving in the endless desserts of Africa.
a) increase c) rise
b) decline d) raise

60) Due to_______fog, it was really difficult to see 10 meters ahead.
a) strong c) slim
b) weak d) thick

61)1 don’t have the__________to study all night, so I will sleep after two or three hours.
a) patient c) impatiently
b) impatient d) patience

62) I was so__________in the exam that I got a bad result.
a) careless c) carelessly
b) careful d) carefully

63) I am_________that I have got such understanding parents.
a) unfortunate c) fortunate
b) unfortunately d) fortunately

64) Missing the flight was really_________. We had been planning to go on holiday for a long time.
a) disappointing c) disappoints
b) disappointed d) to disappoint

65) A: I will be__________in two years.
B: Oh, I hope you enjoy a long and happy_________.

Tropical forests seem to have perfect conditions for producing life. The number and variety of plants give the illusion of endless fertility. in most cases, however, this fertility is dependent on a very delicate natural balance, an ecosystem. Most -of the soil nutrients that are necessary to support plant life come from decaying plants and animals. Keeping the soil rich and productive is the first reason for saving the world’s tropical forests. Soil fertility is quickly exhausted when the cycle of death and decay is interfered with. This is a lesson that has been learned through experience in many parts of the world. in Brazil, for example, an area of the Amazon forest was cleared for agricultural use around 1900. By the 1940’s the soil in this area, called Bragantina, had been exhausted. Without enrichment from decaying plant and animal matter, the soil lost its fertility; without the protective covering of trees, it was baked into a hard, unproductive surface. Furthermore, the cost of adding nutrients to the soil in order to make it productive again was prohibitively high. Therefore, Bragantina was officially abandoned; İts settlers were moved to another place. Bragantina could have served the world as a valuable source of forest products, which in turn could have provided Brazil with a source of income. As it is, Bragantina is a wasteland, a reminder of the fragile balance within the tropical forest,

66) Man thinks the fertility of tropical rainforests will last forever because__________.
a) the soil is rich and productive.
b) they have perfect conditions for producing life.
c) the soil hardly needs enrichment.
d) they bear a large number and variety of plants.

67) “it” in line 10 refers to the__________.
a) protective covering c)fertility
b) soil d) surface

68) “it” in line 15 refers to__________,
a) Brazil c) Bragantina
b) a source of income d) the tropical forest

Carbohydrates, which are sugars, are an essential part of a healthy diet. They provide the main source of energy for the body, and they also function to flavor and sweeten foods. Carbohydrates range from simple sugars like glucose to complex sugars such as amylase and amylopectin. Nutritionists estimate that carbohydrates should make up about one-fourth to one-fifth of a person’s diet. This translates to about 75-100 grams of carbohydrates per day. A diet that is deficient in carbohydrates can have an adverse effect on a person’s health. When the body lacks a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, it must then use its protein supplies for energy, a process called gluconeogenesis. However, these results in a lack of necessary protein, and further health difficulties may occur. A lack of carbohydrates can also lead to ketosis, a build-up of ketones in the body that causes fatigue, lethargy, and bad breath.

69) What is the main idea of this paragraph?
a) Carbohydrates are needed for good health.
b) Carbohydrates prevent a build-up of proteins.
c) Carbohydrates can lead to ketosis.
d) Carbohydrates are and expendable part of a good diet.

70) The word “range” is closest in meaning to which of the following?
a) prevent c) use
b) indicate d) extend

71) According to the passage, what do most nutritionists suggest?
a) Sufficient Carbohydrates will prevent gluconeogenesis.
b) Carbohydrates are simple sugars called glucose.
c) Carbohydrates should make up about a quarter of a person’s daily diet.
d) Carbohydrates should be eaten in very small quantities.

Surrealism was a movement in graphic art and literature that was founded in Paris, in 1924, by Andre Breton. Inspired by another movement in art called Dadaism, the Surrealist movement has been one of the most influential art movements in the twentieth century. it eventually had a worldwide audience, flourishing notably in the United States during World War II. Surrealism focused on the role of the unconscious in creative process. in a nihilistic protest, it rejected all aspects of Western culture. Surrealist writers, such as Aragon and Soupalt, believed in directly transcribing onto paper anything their unconscious mind wished them to. They never altered or revised what they wrote because that would have interfered with the purity of their creation. Surrealist painters, a group that included such famous names as Miro, Dali, and Ernst, displayed a wide variety of style and content. Though Breton was the founder of this movement, his strong leadership style brought about dissent, which resulted in several of the painters officially breaking away from the movement.

72) With what topic is this passage primarily concerned?
a) influential painters such as Miro, Dali, and Ernst
b) The Surrealist movement in graphic art and literature
c) Nihilism as an aspect of the Surrealist movement
d) Andre Breton’s leadership style

73) The word “altered” means:
a) changed c) believed
b) forgot d) allowed

74) According to the passage, all of the following are true of Surrealism EXCEPT:
a) Surrealism was influenced by Dadaism
b) Surrealists believed that the unconscious played an important role in the creative process.
c) Some Surrealist painters quit the official movement because of Andre Breton.
d) Surrealism embraced Western culture.

The government of China has announced that consumers may soon purchase television sets and other expensive items on the installment plan. No interest will be charged when the plan is started. However, if it is needed, interest payments may be added later. If the price of the item increases, consumers will pay the original prize. If the price decreases, they will pay the cheaper rate.

75) According to the information in this passage, you can conclude that….
a) The Chinese buy most of their products on the installment plan
b) The installment plan is managed by the government
c) The installment plan will be something new in China
d) The installment plan will decrease prices in China

76) installment payments will be interest free….
a) forever
b) for the moment
c) for the next year
d) for the original prize

77) A television set which was bought on the installment plan at a specific price may…
a) increase, so the cost would increase
b) be more expensive
c) need necessary repairs
d) cost less by the time the payments are concluded

Economic growth continued in May. Government budget reports showed gains in industrial production, personal income, and housing starts. However, housing construction remained slow, mainly because the cost of new homes has risen much faster than average incomes, but housing starts did show a small increase in April.

78) The author’s claims about economic growth are based on…
a) government data in three years
b) government’s budget reports
c) the author’s own research
d) the author’s personal vision

79) According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE about housing starts?
a) They were the same as in previous months.
b) They were lower in May than the other months
c) They were slightly higher in May than in April.
d) They were much higher in May than in April.

80) According to the passage, housing construction is getting better slowly because
a) the cost of a new home is higher than the government’s price guidelines.
b) new homes are being built at a faster rate than needed.
c) prices of new homes have been going up faster than increases in people’s incomes.
d) new homes are selling faster than anticipated.

Besides feeling the soil and sniffing the air, farmers can now point gun-shaped infrared meters at their crops to find out when the plants need watering. These portable meters give digital readouts that show the difference between a plant’s temperature and that of the surrounding air. When it is short of wafer, a pant, which normally uses evaporation as a means of cooling, cannot rid itself of the heat it absorbs from sunlight or the heat that may build up from its own metabolism. Therefore if the meter shows that a plant is warmer than air it may mean that it is time to water.

81) Which of the following would be the most appropriate title for the passage?
a) A New Aid for Farmers
b) Plant Temperatures and Evaporation
c) Checking Crop Yields
d) The Metabolism of Plants

82) According to the passage, farmers feel the soil in order to….
a) check its ability to absorb heat
b) check the moisture content of the air
c) determine its mineral content
d) determine the time to water crops

83) According to the passage, what do meters measure?
a) The quality of crops being grown
b) The temperatures of plants and air
c) The water content of plants
d) The rate of evaporation

84) Which of the following plays the most important role in a plant’s cooling?
a) Evaporation c) Sunlight
b) infrared rays d) Absorption of water

85) According to the passage, a plant can no longer cool itself if….
a) outside temperatures are high c) it absorbs infrared rays
b) the soil becomes too warm d) it needs water

Find the Irrelevant Sentence.

1. The increasing number of cars is a serious problem.
2. Traffic jam has reached dangerous levels because of a rapid increase in number of new cars.
3. The number of accidents last year increased 10% over the year before.
4. Moreover, ownership of cars involves a lot of expense.
a)l b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

1. There are many medicines for a cold, but few of them are effective.
2. People often catch cold in the winter or spring, and a person with a cold feels very uncomfortable.
3. If you have a cold, your friends will suggest medicines that they say are good.
4. Pharmacies have dozens of cures for colds.
a)l b)2 c)3 d) 4

1. Diamonds, which were first discovered in India -probably around 500 B.C., are the most valuable of the precious Stones.
2. For a long time India was the only source of diamonds.
3. Later, large diamond fields were discovered in Africa.
4. Many rubies and other precious stones come from Burma.
a)l b)2 c)3 d)4

1. A good weather report tells three things.
2. It predicts what the temperature will be.
3. It tells whether the sky will be cloudy or clear and whether there will be any rain or snow.
4. Most people like clear, sunny weather.
a)l b)2 c)3 d)4

Choose the one closest in meaning to the given sentence

90) The mineral deposits in this area are so deep that it is not economical to mine them.
a) The only worthwhile minerals in these parts are too deep to be mined.
b) The Minerals in this region are close enough to the surface to be economically mined.
c) in these parts, the mineral deposits are too deep to mine to be worthwhile.
d) The mining of minerals, however deep, is a profitable business in this area.

91) The dealer told us that the car was in perfect condition but we don’t know how reliable he is.
a) If you go to a reliable dealer he will be sure to advise you properly on the condition of a car.
b) You should only buy a used car when you are sure the dealer is absolutely reliable.
c) Following the warnings of the dealer, we can’t be sure that the car is in the perfect condition.
d) According to the dealer, the car was as good as new, but we can’t be sure that he was telling us the truth.

92) The manager is unwilling to say anything as he has not yet had a chance to consult his legal adviser.
a) The manager doesn’t want there to be a law case so he is saying nothing.
b) The manager’s lawyer has advised him to keep absolutely quiet.
c) Until he is instructed in the legal aspect of the matter the manager is keeping quiet.
d) The manager is referring all questions to his lawyer and answering none himself.

Complete the Dialogues

93) A: Hey, where are you going?
B: To the Shops.
A:___________________________a loaf of bread for me?
B: No, of course not. You will have your bread in half an hour.
a) Will you buy b) Would you mind buying
c) Could you please buy d) Why don’t you buy

94) A: Why aren’t you studying?
B: Because I have done my homework.
B: I don’t have an exam soon.
a) Ok then, you can go on watching TV.
b) Really? Why didn’t I see you doing your homework?
c) Then you can start preparing for your exam.
d) it must have taken a long time.

95) A: What is the problem?
A: I thought you loved her. What are you waiting for?
B: I have got a new girlfriend now.
A: Oh, that’s a real problem!
a) My ex-girlfriend called me last night and said she wanted to see me again.
b) My best friend bought me a really nice present.
c) Alice and Tony have just got married.
d) My girlfriend wants to break up because she loves someone else.


96) Life expectancy in the third world is relatively short,_____in the western world it has increased significantly.
a)whereas c)unlike
b) therefore d) because

97) Which sentence can be the thesis statement of an essay?
a) A Mitsubishi is a Japanese.
b) Is the Internet the greatest invention of all times?
c) The world’s changing climate.
d) University education in Turkey needs to be improved in several ways.

98) Put the sentences in correct order to make a logical paragraph

The day after I finished my first year at college, I had one of these life-changing experiences. (I) Difficult life-changing experiences become the memories that stay forever in our minds.(II) Going on a job interview at an international bank taught me an important lesson. (III) We have to learn to balance the positive and negative effects that these situations have on us. (IV)

99) Find the correct sentence which concludes the paragraph best
There are times when I find almost impossible to read for pleasure. Of course, I read for a living; as an editor for a publishing firm, I spend much of my working day with manuscripts, proofs, newspapers and magazines. Also, many evenings and weekends are consumed by books I have to read in order to keep up. Some of this reading gives me pleasure;_____
a) therefore, anyone interested in literature as such had to devote much time to the great classics of the world.
b) yet, it is not the kind of pleasure I once regularly got from literature.
c) obviously, some people seem not have much of a taste for detective and mystery novels.
d) admittedly, editing new books for publication is a job that is really to be done leisurely.

100) He was terribly disappointed with the decision of the committee,_____he gave in his resignation.
a) so c) since
b) yet d) however
1. C
2. D
3. D
4. A
5. C
6. B
7. D
8. C
9. A
10. B
11. B
12. A
13. C
14. D
15. A
16. C
17. D
18. D
19. B
20. C
21. A
22. C
23. B
24. B
25. B
26. D
27. A
28. A
29. C
30. B
31. A
32. D
33. A
34. A
35. B
36. B
37. A
38. D
39. A
40. B

64 A

73. A

Find The Irrelevant Sentence

Choose the one closest meaning

Complate the Dialogue

99. B
100. A