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Kemerburgaz Üniversitesi İngilizce Hazırlık Atlama Sınavı

Kemerburgaz Üniversitesi İngilizce Hazırlık Atlama Sınavı
Kemerburgaz Üniversitesi İngilizce Hazırlık Atlama Sınavı

 Kemerburgaz Üniversitesi İngilizce Hazırlık Sınavı

İstanbul Kemerburgaz Üniversitesi Yabancı Diller Yüksekokulu, sosyal ve akademik hayatın ve iş dünyasının gerekliliklerini karşılamak üzere, yaşayan dil ve kültürleri öğrencilerine kazandırmayı hedefliyor. Genç, dinamik, eğitimli, donanımlı ve iletişime önem veren kadrosu, ülkemizde ve dünyada yaşayan dünya dil ve kültürlerini tanıtıyor, küresel bütünleşmeye katkı sağlıyor. İkinci ya da üçüncü yabancı dil olarak başka diller de öğrenmek isteyen öğrencilerimize Modern Diller Programında seçmeli olarak sunulan derslerle de katkıda bulunuyor.

Temel İngilizce Bölümünde önlisans, lisans ve yüksek lisans programlarına kabul edilen, ancak bölümlerindeki akademik çalışmaları takip edecek düzeyde İngilizce bilmeyen öğrencilerin dil becerilerini geliştirmeye yönelik bir program uygulanır. İstanbul Kemerburgaz Üniversitesi  önlisans, lisans ve yüksek lisans programlarına kayıt yaptıran öğrencilerimiz akademik yılın başında üniversitemiz tarafından uygulanan iki aşamalı  Kemerburgaz Üniversitesi Yeterlik sınavı girerler. Bu sınavda ya da eşdeğerliliği Senatomuz tarafından kabul edilen uluslararası sınavlarda asgari olarak aşağıda listelenen puanları alan öğrenciler doğrudan birinci sınıf eğitimine başlarlar.

Sınav Türü Asgari Puan Yabancı Diller Yüksekokulu Yeterlik Sınavı                         70 TOEFL IBT                                                                                           80 IELTS Akademik                                                                                  6.5 FCE                                                                                                          B CAE                                                                                                         C CPE                                                                                                          C

Temel İngilizce Bölümünde yürütülen İngilizce hazırlık programı sekizer haftalık 4 modülden oluşur: Temel Seviye, Orta Öncesi Seviye, Orta Seviye ve İleri Seviye. Söz konusu dört modülü toplam 32 haftalık eğitim süresi sonunda başarıyla tamamlayamayan öğrenciler isteğe bağlı olarak ücretsiz yaz okuluna devam eder. Başarılı öğrenciler ise birinci sınıf eğitimlerine başlar.


LANGUAGE USE A) GRAMMAR On your optical answer sheet, mark the letter of the choice that best completes each sentence or paragraph. Questions 1-23 1. We worked hard all summer and we managed to get _____ a lot of information for our study. a) much b) quite c) such d) many 2. “_____ you hand me the phone book, please?” “Sure, here you are.” a) Should b) Do c) Will d) May 3. I’m sure he has a good chance of _____ since he values the opinions of young voters. a) being elected b) elected c) having elected d) electing 4. She was _____ disappointed with the score she got from the exam that she never applied again. a) just b) so c) such d) very 5. Don’t forget, you have to give the message to Mrs. Jones _____. a) her b) to her c) hers d) herself 6. Some students study regularly during the term, while _____ study just before the exams a) another b) others c) other d) the other 7. I’m wearing my raincoat today. You never know, it _____ rain. a) would b) must c) should d) might 8. He will come to your party _____ he is invited of course. a) if b) unless c) even d) so that 9. _____ a lot of sugar is believed to be very bad for your teeth. a) Eat b) To eat c) Eating d) You eat 10. He gives money to _____ needs it; he is a very good man. a) whoever b) whose c) anyone d) he 11. The young teacher was tired of teaching small children and was wondering _____ to quit her job. a) that b) if c) why d) whether 12. I haven’t been to Egypt, and _____ has my sister. a) also b) either c) both d) neither 13. Once the classes are over, the university is somewhat deserted; there’s _____ in the student cafeteria. a) anyone b) noone c) everyone d) someone 14. Thanks to his online friends, his English _____ considerably over the past few months. a) is improving b) improves c) improved d) has improved 15. Despite _____ very tired, she went on working hard as ever. a) being b) was c) she was d) her 16. If I had not stopped my academic career due to pregnancy, I _____ a professor now. a) would be b) will be c) am d) had been 17. That car is _____ expensive of all the models in the gallery. a) less b) least c) the least d) the less 18. _____ it was sunny, there was a cold wind. a) Since b) Though c) Once d) Because 19. Freddy Mercury was a great singer _____ talent will always be remembered. a) who b) with c) whose d) that his 20. _____ Chinese are one of the most colorful people in the world with their unique cuisine and traditions. a) It is b) The c) They are d) All 21. When we asked him about the money, he refused _____ us the truth. a) telling b) told c) to tell d) tell 22. It is a scientifically proven fact that children consider their parents role-models _____ imitate them. a) or b) not c) but d) and 23. As a result of globalization, English is _____ common than the other languages all around the world. a) more b) very c) the most d) much Questions 24-27

Life is very difficult without a car. I’m not saying this because of daily needs such as driving to work by car. I’m talking about dreams. If I 24) _____ a car, I would be the happiest man on Earth because I would realize my dream. My dream is to go sightseeing on my own in different countries. Actually, last year I was so close to my dream, but with a small difference. I went sightseeing, but not alone, with my cousin Louis because I did not have a car. We went to a Canadian island 25) _____ various bird species are in danger of extinction. The whole experience was fun, but I somehow felt limited because Louis was the one who decided on everything. I like going sightseeing because it makes me 26) _____ free, but if I am with someone else, I can’t feel the same way. Therefore, I 27) _____ money to buy my own car for about five months. I don’t know when I will be able to save enough money, but I want to believe I can go sightseeing just by myself in my own car.

24. a) have 25. a) that 26. a) to feel 27. a) had been saving b) had b) when b) feel b) will be saving c) had had c) which c) feeling c) have been saving d) would have d) where d) felt d) was saving Questions 28-35

We were having some work done on our house, so we decided to go away for a few days to a town in the South West. We 28) _____ there a couple of times in the past because there are some absolutely amazing beaches. We love it. When we arrived, though, we found that the hotel we usually stay in was full. There 29) _____ a conference or something because there were some people walking round with nametags on. Anyway, someone suggested a place a few miles away. It was awful 30) _____, but we didn’t have much of an alternative as it was getting late. We 31) _____ the hotel before we left home. Maybe then we 32) _____ somewhere better. Anyway, the following day, we were driving down the coast and we came across a little hotel 33) _____ the sea. It was quite expensive— not the kind of place we would have stayed normally, but we decided 34) _____ going back home and so we checked in. We had a fantastic few days 35) _____ it was a bit more expensive than we had planned.

28. a) went 29. a) must have been 30. a) hardly 31. a) should ring b) have been going b) can’t be b) rarely b) would have rung c) have gone c) should have been c) actually c) should have rung d) go d) isn’t d) usually d) would ring 32. a) can find 33. a) overlooks 34. a) no point there was 35. a) because b) could find b) overlooking b) point there was no b) although c) could be finding c) overlook c) there was no point c) despite d) could have found d) overlooked d) no point was there d) so KEY to GRAMMAR 1. b 2.c 3.a 4.b 5.d 6.b 7.d 8.a 9.c 10.a 11.d 12.d 13.b 14.d 15.a 16.a 17.c 18.b 19.c 20.b 21.c 22.d 23.a 24.b 25.d 26.b 27.c 28.a 29.a 30.c 31.c 32.d 33.b 34.c 35.b B) VOCABULARY On your optical answer sheet, mark the letter of the choice which best completes each sentence or paragraph. Questions 36-43 36.In this museum, you can find ______ works of art from different periods from baroque to the modern era. a) variation b) vary c) various d) variety 37. Insisting ______ the other option will not work. He seems pretty determined. I’m afraid he will not change his mind. a) out b) on c) at d) by 38. Don’t expect everybody to be the same; our ______ differences make us who we are. a) individualist b) individually c) individualism d) individual 39. Her mother warned him to be careful and asked him to take care ______ his little baby brother when she was away. a) of b) about c) for d) with 40. What makes an artist different from all the others is the use of his ______ inspired even by ordinary daily events. a) creation b) creativity c) creative d) creatively 41. I rarely visit my younger sister in Chicago. The reason is I don’t really get along _____ her husband. a) to b) from c) by d) with 42. He is such a _____ person that you want to be somewhere else when he starts talking to you. a) bored b) boredom c) boring d) bore 43. If you want to make this drug work more _____, you should take it when you are hungry. a) effective b) effectively c) effects d) effectiveness Questions 44-50

This is the story of Oliver, the man who was cured by a bee. There was a time when nobody believed Oliver, but when I heard his story, I didn’t (44)____ it for a minute. At the time of his cure, Oliver had been (45)____ from rheumatoid arthiritis for 30 years. His hands were so swollen that he had given up trying to find gloves to (46)____ them. His shoes were two sizes larger than they used to be and his feet seemed to be growing each year. He took a dozen different pain-killers every day, though few actually (47)____ his pain. One evening, Oliver was putting on his pyjamas when he felt a sharp pain in his left knee. He had been stung by a bee. The next day Oliver’s knee was swollen and burning but after another day or two, a very (48)____ thing happened: as the pain from the sting started to get less severe, the ache from the arthiritis in that knee began to disappear (49)____. A few weeks later, the swelling in all of Oliver’s joints was gone. A little while after that, the pain in the rest of his body (50)____ too. Oliver is now a healthy 86-year-old. He hasn’t been troubled by arthiritis since the day the bee stung him.

44. a) doubt 45. a) recovering 46. a) include 47. a) repeated b) judge b) keeping b) suit b) relieved c) remind c) suffering c) fit c) received d) realize d) growing d) wear d) remained 48. a) difficult 49. a) as well 50. a) increased b) dangerous b) as much b) returned c) precious c) as for c) continued d) unusual d) as of d) disappeared On your answer sheet, mark the letter of the choice which is the closest in meaning to the underlined word in each sentence. Questions 51-60 51. There are many weaknesses in the project. I’m afraid we have to make some fundamental changes in order to make it more solid. a) basic b) political c) surprising d) ordinary 52. It is considered improper behavior to talk on the cell phone in the library. a) incorrect b) unnecessary c) dishonest d) illegal 53. The construction manager says it will take approximately six months to complete the building. a) certainly b) fairly c) nearly d) exactly 54. The main purpose of this meeting is to decide what we should do about the problem of noise. a) effect b) notice c) case d) reason 55. Keeping eye contact with the audience is one of the significant factors of good communication. a) valuable b) important c) persuasive d) outgoing 56. Civil wars in many countries end inevitably in lots of deaths and wounded people as well as a remarkable financial loss. a) unfortunately b) harshly c) unavoidably d) similarly 57. She hadn’t seen me for years, but it took her just seconds to recognize me. a) regret b) meet c) miss d) remember 58. In order to understand human psychology better, we need a closer observation of human nature. a) examination b) illustration c) estimation d) assumption 59. An electronic version of this book is sold on some online shopping websites. a) part b) form c) aspect d) chart 60. In the farewell dinner given to his honor, the manager thanked Ryan for his ten years of contribution to the company. a) assistance b) protection c) subscription d) attendance KEY to VOCABULARY 36.c 37.b 38.d 39.a 40.b 41.d 42.c 43.b 44.a 45.c 46.c 47.b 48.d 49.a 50.d 51.a 52.a 53.c 54.d 55.b 56.c 57.d 58.a 59.b 60.a READING COMPREHENSION (Questions 1 – 15) On your answer sheet, mark the letter of the choice which best answers the question or completes the statement about each text.

TEXT 1 (Questions 1 – 5) Read the text below and mark the letter of the answer on your optical answer sheet. Texas, 1900 1 It was 1900 and there was no weather forecaster on television or weather-service jet plane monitoring a tropical storm. But there was a weather observer in Galveston, Texas—Isaac Cline. When he visited the beach soon after dawn on Saturday, September 8, 1900, he noticed that the wind had maintained a constant northernly direction through the night and the tide levels at sea had continued to rise steadily. Because he was knowledged enough to understand the significance of these repetitive conditions, several thousand lives were saved later that day and night. Yet, even Cline himself underestimated the total force of mother nature’s coming disaster, a storm that would go down in history because it took 7,200 lives. Cline himself nearly died. 2 Realizing that his meteorological instruments were warning of the approach of a hurricane that would bring with it a tsunami wave of dangerous proportions, Cline rode up and down the beaches on horseback warning people of the impending danger. He urged residents near the beaches to move to higher ground near the center of the city and advised summer visitors still in Galveston to take the first train for Houston. But, sadly enough, many failed to take his warning seriously. Adapted from:

1. The text is mainly about _____. a) how people behave under stress b) how little we know about nature c) what one person did in a crisis d) how a natural disaster was prevented 2. In Par. 2, the first line, “meteorological instruments” are instruments that measure _____. a) water pressure b) wave strength c) air temperature d) atmospheric conditions 3. It can be inferred that Cline thought the greatest danger during the storm would be _____. a) train accidents b) panic among the inhabitants c) high winds d) flooding from the sea 4. We understand from the very last sentence of the text that many people _____. a) were sad because they got Cline’s message wrong b) did not pay attention to what Cline said c) could not find tickets for the Houston train d) followed Cline’s advice but failed in the end 5. (Par. 2, line 3) ‘impending’ means: ______ a) frequent b) delicate c) approaching d) principal TEXT 2 (Questions 6 – 15) Read the text below and mark the letter of the answer on your optical answer sheet.


1 On Wednesday April 17, 2013, the funeral of Margaret Thatcher took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Britain’s first elected female political leader passed away after fighting against poor health for more than a decade. The “Iron Lady”, as most people call her, died at the age of 87 and had a ceremonial funeral with military honors. Not since Winston Churchill’s death has a politician been granted such a tribute. 2 Despite being a research chemist, Thatcher entered politics and even though she lost two elections in a row, she received nationwide publicity as the youngest female candidate in the country. In 1959, she was elected as Member of Parliament. 20 years later, in the general elections, she became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She was a highly confident, determined woman who became a strong, unyielding political figure among her contemporaries. 3 The main policy of the Thatcher government was to stop Britain’s years long economic decline, basically by increasing taxes and balancing the budget. The government also encouraged people to buy their own homes, invest in private pensions, and save through the stock market. 4 Margaret Thatcher, the woman who transformed not only the United Kingdom but also the world through her way of conduct in politics and economics, has had important effects worldwide. She will be remembered mainly for pulling England from 35 years of socialism, destroying unions, winning the Falkland war against Argentina, as well as contributing to the opening of the Soviet Union to capitalism, the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, and supporting the growth of the European Union. 5 Mrs. Thatcher, who was Britain’s first and only female Prime Minister for 11 years, from 1979 to 1990, had an important role in our lives, as she, along with Ronald Reagan, the ex-president of the United States, redefined the principles of modern economics and politics. Among these principles are the reduction of union power of the working classes, limitation of the state control over economy, encouragement of private ownership of funds, reduction of public jobs, and social investment. 6 Of course, there are supporters of the free market and therefore of Margaret Thatcher who consider that her death is a great loss for Britain as she revived the English economy, but there are also opponents of this theory and Mrs. Thatcher herself, who believe that “the world will be a better place without Thatcher” as she increased the gap between the rich and the poor. The truth is that Mrs. Thatcher is a controversial character who left behind “a set of ideas about the role of state which other leaders and nations struggle hard to copy and apply.” Indeed, she was one of the most influential politicians in the world not only in terms of state policies but also in the management of politics, conflicts, and European agreements. 7 After her political reign was over, Thatcher continued to be an active political figure, setting up the Margaret Thatcher Foundation to continue promoting her ideas, going on lecture tours, writing two memoirs and a book on international politics. She was involved in both domestic and international affairs throughout the world for many years. 8 Her economic and social policies evolved into a political philosophy known as ‘Thatcherism’, the belief that economic freedom and individual freedom are independent. She believed that allowing the free market to rule is the best way to decide on the shape of the economy even if the human cost of such a move would be high. Thatcher showed her confidence and determination which made her a strong political figure with very strict rules. And this is what earned her the name the ‘Iron Lady’. Adapted from:

6. Which of the following is NOT true about Margaret Thatcher? a) She suffered from health problems for 10 years before her death. b) She was Britain’s first elected female political leader. c) She was the first political leader to have such a big funeral ceremony. d) She was nearly 90 years of age when she died. 7. Although Thatcher was not successful in two elections, she _______. a) was a very good role model to everybody as a wife and mother b) did not personally like Winston Churchill because of some private reasons c) had a lot in common with Churchill in terms of personal characteristics d) attracted everybody’s attention as the youngest woman politician 8. It is understood from the text that when Thatcher became prime minister, _______. a) people were encouraged to create new unions b) there was an ongoing economic crisis in Britain c) the gap between social classes dropped to a minimum d) nothing was done about the problems European Union faced 9. The main focus of the Thatcher government was _______. a) private funding b) public service c) social investment d) state control 10. Free market supporters _______. a) do not approve of the principles of Margaret Thatcher b) tried to build effective public unions all around the world c) believed that the policy of the Thatcher government was right d) thought it was wrong to copy and apply a policy 11. Which one is TRUE about the policy that Thatcher followed? a) It was bad according to some people because of unwanted results. b) It was disapproved by the majority of the British people and the world. c) It was never questioned because Thatcher was a very strong political figure. d) It was not as effective as Churchill’s in terms of its economic results. 12. According to the text, it is clear that Thatcher did not _______. a) deserve such high respect from people b) affect her own country only, but the whole world c) like the idea of a strong European Union d) participate in anything military during her term 13. Which of the following statements is TRUE? a) Thatcher mostly affected the countries of the European Union. b) Thatcher brought equality to social classes in Britain. c) Thatcher’s main focus was free market economy. d) The ideology of Thatcherism actually belonged to Ronald Reagan. 14. (Par. 8, line 4) ‘such a move’ refers to: ______. a) allowing the free market to rule b) being independent individuals c) shaping the economy d) cost of Thatcherism for humans 15. Which of the following words in Par. 6 has the meaning of “someone who does not agree with something”?, a) controversial character b) opponent c) influential politician d) supporter KEY to READING COMPREHENSION 1.c 2.d 3.d 4.b 5.c 6.c 7.d 8.b 9.a 10.c 11.a 12.b 13.c 14.a 15.b LISTENING COMPREHENSION A) DIALOGUES ( Questions 1 – 4 ) You have ONE minute to go over the following questions before you listen ONLY ONCE to four dialogues between two people. Make sure you mark the letter of the correct choice on your optical answer sheet. 1. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about Susie’s first job? a) She liked the people with whom she worked there. b) Her working schedule clashed with her class hours. c) She always worked late in the evenings. d) She liked it as her first work experience. 2. What does Julie suggest Tim to do about building a new doll house? a) To do a project with someone who likes building things b) To ask someone who has the free time to do it c) To get help from someone who knows how to do it d) To buy a new doll house with windows and doors 3. Tom and Ana are attending the seminar on Leadership because they want to ______. a) learn how to use their time at work wisely b) be promoted to a better position c) get the latest information in the field d) learn how to manage their staff well 4. We understand from the conversation that ______. a) John hasn’t got much work experience b) Ms. Wood will accept the health report c) John is totally aware of the company rules d) Ms. Wood will buy an alarm clock for John B) LECTURE ( Questions 5 – 9 ) You have ONE minute to go over the questions below. Then, you will listen to a lecture TWICE. Make sure you mark the letter of the correct choice on your optical answer sheet. 5. A well-protected house ______. a) can never be burgled b) becomes a challenge to thieves c) does not deserve the effort d) is less likely to be burgled 6. The lecturer thinks that hiding a key under a doormat or a flower pot ______. a) is a predictable move b) is a clever idea c) is quite imaginative d) is done for the spare key 7. Gaining entry to a house through a small window ______. a) is a surprisingly hard task b) is not as difficult as many people think c) is less likely to happen than getting in by the door d) is tried only by very determined burglars 8. Window locks, security locks, and burglar alarms ______. a) cost a lot of money but are worth it b) break off easily if forced c) are typical luxury equipment d) are essential burgling items 9. The lecturer argues that fitting a chain and an eye hole ______. a) will prevent your home from being burgled b) helps you invite callers into your home c) is only necessary for elderly people d) gives you time to check if the visitor is genuine C) INTERVIEW ( Questions 10 – 17 ) You have ONE minute to go over the questions below. Then, you will listen to a conversation among three friends TWICE. Make sure you mark the letter of the correct choice on your optical answer sheet. 10. The gallery they visit has paintings from _____. a) Europe b) America c) Far-east Asia d) both America and Europe 11. The first painting they look at was painted _____. a) around 1350 b) 70 years ago c) in the 17th century d) in an unknown date 12. The first Renaissance painting they look at shows _____. a) a Greek God b) a knight and a woman c) a French village d) a beautiful landscape 13. 19th century realistic art _____. a) is too dark b) has too much detail c) does not show real life d) tells a story 14. Nick likes the Constable painting more because _____. a) it is a portrait b) it shows old traditions c) it is by an Italian painter d) it is really powerful 15. When you look closely at an Impressionist painting, you see _____. a) unreal objects b) clear lines c) colored dots d) vague shapes 16. The painting with four squares of different colors is an example of _____. a) Renaissance art b) Impressionism c) Expressionism d) Modern art 17. At the end of their visit, Kathy’s favorite art is _____. a) Abstract art b) Renaissance art c) Impressionism d) Modern art D) NOTE-TAKING ( Questions 18 – 25 ) On this sheet, take notes while you are listening to a text on “The Design of Living Space”. Follow the key points given below while you are taking your notes. After you listen to the recording TWICE, you will be given the question sheet. Your notes will not be graded.  How homes reflect our personality  Three aspects of interior home design  Characteristics of Feng Shui and two types of energy  Some ideas about bedroom design  How to make small homes functional NOTE-TAKING QUESTION SHEET Use your notes to answer the questions ( No: 18 – 25 ). You have 20 minutes to answer them and to mark the letter of each answer on the optical answer sheet. 18. What kind of a person lives in a yellow and orange room that is full of furniture and books? a) A quiet person who prefers staying at home alone b) An organized person who likes country life c) A busy person who enjoys an exciting life d) A disorganized and lazy person 19. An important aspect of interior design is _____. a) Feng Shui b) balance of colors c) yin energy d) size of a room 20. According to Feng Shui, yang energy is _____. a) active b) organized c) passive d) quiet 21. A living space with these two energy types shows that there is _____. a) bad luck b) health and happiness c) a colorful atmosphere d) a common Chinese home design 22. According to Feng Shui, a 65-year-old husband and wife’s bed should point _____. a) northeast b) south c) north d) east 23. A bedroom should not have any electrical equipment because they _____. a) cause nightmares b) are not peaceful items c) bring bad memories d) stop air flow 24. Which color is NOT a good choice for a bedroom? a) Red b) White c) Green d) Blue 25. Which is NOT mentioned as a good design solution to a small living space? a) Portable furniture b) Mirrors c) Small refrigerators d) Sliding doors KEY to LISTENING COMPREHENSION 1. c 2.c 3.d 4.a 5.d 6.a 7.b 8.a 9.d 10.d 11.a 12.a 13.b 14.d 15.c 16.d 17.b 18.c 19.b 20.a 21.b 22.c 23.d 24.a 25.b ESSAY WRITING In 300 words minimum, write an essay on the following topic. Your essay should have an introduction paragraph, two or three development/body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. TOPIC: Which one is more important for you—money OR success ? Why? ___________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

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